Jim Lopolito

Food Fair Contributing Business Editor

In addition to his services as Senior Business Editor with Food Fair,
Jim is President of  
Lopolito Hospitality Consultants, Corp. They are a New York based consulting firm that provides forward-thinking review and solutions to businesses in the hospitality industry.
Reach out to Jim through his website: 
From Risk to Regulation:
How Safe Are Our Food Deliveries?
by Jim Lopolito

Food Fair Contributing Business Editor

"...encourages food preparers to “have strict liability principles and to make the decisions and investment to prepare food properly and also check the product they receive.”

Meat Me In The Receiving Department. A Training Lesson in Receiving Procedures and Menu Cost Correlations.  

by Jim Lopolito

Food Fair Contributing Business Editor 

This session is for many of our foodservice Owners and Managers, and especially startups or businesses that struggle to reach profitability.  This is a detailed receiving procedures example and how it influences your menu pricing decisions. 
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