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The "Food Fair" Podcast  

Coming in October 2020... 

Our 16th Year Exhibiting at NRA.

We Love the Show!

Tablecheck Technologies

Barbara Horan, President, Tablecheck Technologies A wireless tablet seating management system.

Chris with Thad Smith, Chef & Commun

Chris Gudenzi with Thad Smith, Chef & Communications Director, Sterno Products

Venstar Products

Venstar Products

Chris Gudenzi with David Malek, Owner, Gunter Wilhelm Cutlery. Used by White House Chefs, these are made using German steel and Japanese design.

McCormick Place, are you ready?!

Tomlinson Industries

with George Spears, CEO, e-Putchasing Network

Chris Gudenziwith Lee Huang, inventor and owner of the highly energy efficient Turbo Pot.

Lee Huang, Owner, Turbo Pot

NRA Booth

Visit Foodservice Daily News & Food Fair at NRA, South Hall

Chris Gudenzi with Brian Rascona, of Fruit Fly BarPro!

with Jason Tipman, Co-Owner, Mobile East Coast Launchpad.A highly customized food truck manufacturer.

On The Move Trucks 1

CJ Stein and company of On The Move Trucks.

We have fun getting the word out!